Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Russian Hot Actress Ksenia Borodina

Ksenia Borodina (Xenia) was born March 8, 1983 in Moscow. After his parents divorced and my mother left for Italy Xenia lived with his grandparents. After graduating from 9th grade school then sent to Xenia for the summer to learn English in school, but a month later she returned home. Later in the biography Ksenia Borodina was followed by training at the Institute of Hotel Management and Tourism of Moscow. Despite the fact that the desire to be a TV presenter Xenia was born in childhood, long time she did not carry. On the samples, the casting did not notice her. In his biography Borodina a watershed moment when she decided to move to Italy to his parents. Suddenly, she got a call offering to become a presenter on channel TNT. Since then, together with Ksenia Ksenia Sobchak has Borodin TV project "Dom-2". With the construction, architecture, Xenia know firsthand. Her stepfather owns a construction company in Italy, and she worked in Xenia this company interpreter. In addition, reality shows, Borodin wrote a column in the newspaper ("Metro"). In 2007 was published her book "Dom-2. The laws of love. "

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